• McLaren at Monaco 2007 [NOT FOR SALE] Quick View
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      McLaren at Monaco 2007 [NOT FOR SALE] Quick View
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    • McLaren at Monaco 2007 [NOT FOR SALE]
    • This painting is of the 2007 version of the McLaren F1 driven by Fernando Alonso who won the 2007 Monaco Grandprix. The car, according to the official F1 website, is the MP4-22 and its successor the MP4-23 took Lewis Hamilton to victory in the 2008 drivers championship.The painting has been reworked to give an impression of part of the Monaco…
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  • Velocity (Ferrari) Quick View
    • Velocity (Ferrari) Quick View
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    • Velocity (Ferrari)
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    • I could not resist the temptation to paint this very powerful image of a Ferrari, to let rip with the red well actually cadmium red, a cadmium yellow and another colour to get close to the Ferrari colour just had to be done. The Scuderia Ferrari F2008 is the fifty fourth single-seater built by the Italian team specifically to take…
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  • Villeneuve & Renault 1997 Quick View
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