Creating Fantasy of Lady Luck

Fantasy of Lady Luck – A gentle satirical prod at the fantasies, dreams or delusions of an inveterate gambler, was my intention behind this mixed media piece .

                        Before resin coating

The two images are the before and after effects of the resin (plus the cat!).

                      After resin coating applied

Recently I was asked about how the work was put together. It embraces oil painting for the green background, the dice and craps table, the horses and jockeys and some of the cards (the easy ones like for example the ace of diamonds & spades!).  The cat is made of painted paper and glued on as are all the other non-painted components.

The playing cards are all from the same (except the ones I painted) and manipulated with some software.  The spread pack in the centre were the result of several photographic experiments at oblique angles to give 3D effect.  The resulting final image was printed onto high quality glossy photo paper, (anything less is absorbent and discolours when the resin is applied, then cut out with a scalpel.  The betting slips, casino and other adverts were lifted from the web.

This just left the money which I wanted to fly away with the cards alluding to the adage ‘the bookie always wins’.  The money was interesting as you seem the notes they are fine and can be printed after being manipulated in Power Point, I tried other software, but this was the easiest.  However US dollars, Sterling, Euros as a single note were ok to print if out date or the wrong size, but when I tried to print them as their actual size, 1/3 would print but no more.  How does that work?  Anyway that wasn’t what I wanted I just wanted to bring money into the piece as it is the essential ingredient.

Once all this was done and securely fixed it was time to mix and pour the resin. I used Eli-Chem MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Art Coating Resin. But there was problem, some of paper I used was not resistant enough, you need glossy non-absorbent paper, and some of the elements had to be redone.  Fortunately the resin is forgiving and will bond to itself, so another coat was applied after the repairs had been done.

I was really pleased with the end result – a quirky tough artwork that will last a very long time!

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